Sand Blasting


Who we are

We are professional sand blasters.

We take your old, rusty, well used equipment. . . . . 

sandblast it. . . . . . .

and make it look new, adding value and years of use.

What we do

Here at AAA Sand Blasting Inc. We do quality Sand Blasting for a wide range of products. We provide industrial, commercial, and residential services to individuals and businesses throughout Michigan. ln today’s world most people throw items away not knowing that they can be restored to look new again through sandblasting. We can restore the items from 1 inch in size to 35feet long and 15 wide.


Sandblasting: the process of smoothing, shaping and cleaning any hard surface by forcing solid particles across the surface at high speeds. It removes mill scale, rust, paint, weld splatter or any other physical defects.


  We have done:  
Car Bodies
 Rims  Bike Frames
 Lawn Furniture
 Aerospace  Boats
 Motorcycles  Tractors  Weldments
These Items Can Also Be Powder Coated


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